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We're a small design group that produces big results without the huge agency price tag. For over 10 years we've crafted stunning user experiences that benefit you, your audience and your brand.

What Drives Us…

  • We want you to love your marketing! Whether it’s a website, or all the other stuff that comes with it, we want you to end up with a project that gets you excited about your visual identity! We apply current design, development and useability standards in everything that we do.
  • We want to alleviate any fears you might have about updating your website. We have a comprehensive library of video tutorials plus we’re accessible by email for all those little questions.
  • We want you to focus on the big picture. With a huge list of other services, we’re not just a web design company and we can help to extend consistency to your entire brand collateral either in house or through a large network of partners that we know will do great work for you.
  • We want to work with you long term. Our commitment to doing a great job, at a great price with great customer service will solidify our relationship for the long haul as your trusted marketing partner.
  • We want you to succeed! We want your organization to take a big jump forward by working with us. We don’t just create web “presences”, we create a legitimate part of your success. Whether driving new sales, reaching a wider audience, providing great customer service or all of the above.

Chris Steingart

Designer and Web Developer

Chris is the founder of QT Web Designs and a creative at heart who has become more geeky over the years. He’s a history major who felt the lure of graphic design early on. Chris is an expert in front-end design strategy and standards-based web design, and oversees all the technical aspects of development projects.

Along with his wife, son and daughter, he calls the town of Kitchener, ON home. Chris is also a crossfit enthusiast who never misses a morning at the gym, a perfect way to get his creative juices flowing.

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What does QT Mean?

When we first opened up shop in 2006 our company name was Quality Transformations Web Designs (a real mouthful!). At that time we really wanted to emphasize our desire to help organizations implement a transformation in their marketing approach and our commitment to quality with each and every project we oversee. A re-brand a few years back shortened the name but we didn’t lose it all together. Even though our name has been trimmed down, our commitment to quality and work that’s truly transformative remains as strong as ever!


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