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Rockway Mennonite Collegiate had suffered from many years of brand neglect. About 4 years back when we started out designing the existing website, we discovered no fewer than 7 different iterations of the Rockway Logo, but the website was a greater need at the time. Now, as plans for a new site are in the works, it was determined that the best place to start was to focus heavily on the Rockway brand first then design the new site second.

After a fair bit of analysis, it was determined that the existing Rockway “R” still resonated with the school’s constituency so we sought to clean up the logo and provide a couple variations for different situational uses. Through the newly created brand guide we identified a consistent colour scheme, font, and logo placement rules. Rockway also wanted to identify 2 taglines that they have been using in various situations so we created versions in the style of the standard logo.

Finally, since the new website isn’t ready yet, we updated the existing website with the approved logo and colour scheme. Now it’s time to get to work on a new site!

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What they said…

“Rockway’s work with QT Web Designs has been universally positive. Chris’ designs and strategic input are of consistently high quality and he takes the time and effort to understand our needs and then deliver a product that fits. Chris is quick to reply to emails and always has his work done to agreed timelines. I would recommend him without any hesitation.”


David Lobe, Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate

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